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nanny on child care service for Surfers
nannyon Peniche
Peniche, Portugal
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nannyon Peniche


Nanny services for active families

Nanny On is nanny service for active families and surfers. We provide a safe and fun environment for children on the beach, while parents are having a good time surfing.

We are also available after sunset. Parents can enjoy a nice dinner or go out, without worrying about the kids. We take care of children like our own!

Open Time: 
24 hours
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nannyon services are available at your beach
We have happy children at nannyon
nanny on child care service for Surfers and you
Having fun, playing games
nanny on child care service - your child is in goods hands while you surf
nanny on child care service
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If your partner is a surfer as well, this is the project that can make the difference between a crisis and an awesome holiday. Enjoy quality time on the water, while knowing that your little one's are safe and having a great time.

Kudos for Julie and her team for providing such an awesome service :-)