Can I surf if I can't swim?

How long des it take to learn how to surf?

How long des it take to learn how to surf?

How long will it take to learn surfing?

The answer to this question really depends on the age.


Adults take much longer than kids, which is one of the reasons why we suggests that you don't procrastinate and put surfing off to the next season.

In our experience, it is important that you do not get cold. Choose a location where the waves are decent and the warm is warm. Adults are different than kids. As soon as adults get cold, they usual get out of the water. You won't learn laying on your beach towel instead of your board!

Our suggestion for an adult is to take a private surf instructor, so that you get one-on-one lessons instead of group lessons. The individual atten will generate quicker results, which will ensure that you stick with this exciting sport.


Kids will learn surfing very quickly, especially if they are having a great time with other kids in a surf school. Technically it may be possible, but we strongly advise against surfing if one cannot swim.

The Surf Reviews author's kids started surfing in California at the age of 4 and 5. They took surf lessons at M&M Surfing School. They had a great time, and learned to surf well with their two week holiday.

We suggest a good Surf School to learn surfing.