Search engine optimization for the surf industry

Surf Industry SEO

search engine optimization for surf industry

Surf Industry SEO

Search Engine Optimization For The Surf Industry

When you discuss search engine optimization, or SEO, for the surf industry you need to consider two main aspects:

On-page SEO

On-page SEO means everything related to the code on your respective website. In other words, we are talking about the content, which includes the text (copy), the images, the heading structure, the meta description and the use of keywords. The on-page SEO needs to be optimized by your web developer. In an ideal case, your web developer understands SEO well, and has taken search engine optimization into account when designing the structure of the site and choosing the content.

You also have the option of hiring an external consulting company for an existing website to optimize your site from an SEO standpoint. This should be the most promising route, as search engine optimization is an ever changing strategy. What worked yesterday, will not work today or tomorrow...

Off-page SEO

A great strategy is hiring an external content creator to create blog articles specific to your business. The blog articles include backlinks to your website. With each additional backlink, the ranking of your website will increase in the search results. Please keep in mind, that not all blog articles and backlinks are created equal. The blog article needs to be well structured, have good grammar, include pictures and have good meta descriptions. The ranking of the site on which the blog article is located, is also of great importance. If the blog site does not have authority, the blog article will not rank high.

Search engines like Google can judge if the blog article and the backlinks come from a website which is related to your industry. A backlink from another industry has little value and may even lead to a penalty from the search engine. This means that you should refrain from buying bulk backlinks, which may be offered to you by email or on outsourcing sites like Fiverr. Chances are very big, that the search engines will penalize you. The costs of fixing the resulting problems will be easily be ten or hundredfold of what these blackhat SEO services initially cost. Trust us, we speak from experience...

Surf Reviews can help you with off-page search engine optimization, if you are in the surf industry or the surf hospitality industry. Here is how:

  • We can optimize your profile on this website from a search engine optimization perspective
  • We will include the URL of your website in your profile, if you place a Surf Reviews banner or backlink on your homepage
  • You can place an advertising banner on this website, which includes a backlink with your preferred keywords
  • You can write an interesting blog article about surfing. We will optimize it for SEO and post it on this site with full credit to you
  • We can exchange partner backlinks

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