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1974 Surfboards California
1777 Placentia Costa Mesa, CA 92627
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1974 Surfboards California


Hello, my name is Guilherme Vilas Boas, I am the owner and shaper for 1974 surfboards. I surf and have loved surfboards and surfing for over 20 years.

Since I decided to try different types of boards, I realized that it was a never-ending path. I found out that for me, surfing is too special to spend my whole life expressing myself in the same way, using the same kind of craft, drawing the same lines and limiting something that should have endless possibilities.

I invite you to discover different types of boards and be part of the same experience, expanding your possibilities and perceptions in the water, and most importantly, having more fun.

Meet 1974 Surfboards, we produce High-performance surfboards, retro fish and twin fins, single fin surfboards, mid length surfboards and longboard surfboards

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