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Are you in search of your next surf destination?

SURF REVIEWS started as a travel directory site with the objective of assisting you in finding your favorite accommodation. In our travels we have come across the same issues time and time again: Where do we go surf? Where do we eat? And where do we hang out?

Given our experience, and the feedback from friends and other surfers, this site has developed into a platform which provides not only a listing directory but also user reviews of everything related to your surf vacation. SURF REVIEWS has now incorporated surf camps, surf shops, surf schools, restaurants and some places to party at. We have even included the data of those airports which are typically used while traveling to a surf spot. Our mapping feature allows you to see all this data in geographic relationships.

The platform adds listings daily as members come across destinations they like. We would like you to do the same, as crowd sourced data from a well defined target group - in our case surfers - will give the most meaningful results. Please add locations that you like (or dislike) and leave a review so that other surfers know where to go and what to expect :-)

We seriously hope you dig this project!

138 listings
Surf Shop

Find a shop for that new board you have been longing for. Or get your...

305 listings
Surf School

Learn to surf at one of the many great Surf Schools

281 listings
Surf Accommodation

Our listings are exclusively properties which cater to surfers and which are...

51 listings
Surf Spot

Need we say anything? See the proximity of surf spots and accommodations

117 listings
Surf Restaurant

Choose from a wide variety of restaurants at your chosen surf location

23 listings
Surf Trips

Surf trips by Land & Sea

5 listings
Car Rental

A great alternative for exploring different surf spots is a camper or RV

36 listings

Surf, party, sleep...
Rinse and repeat!

29 listings
Surf Guide

Locals will always know the best spots. These local guides will show them to...

11 listings
Health, Beauty & Spa category

Get a massage when you are sore from surfing. Or work out when the waves don...

30 listings

Everything from food shopping to gifts. Your better half will want to know...

5 listings

You know you want pictures of your adventures. The photo and video...

24 listings

See which airports are close to your chosen surf spots

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