Improve Your SEO

Why is Search Engine Optimization important for your business?

If you would like your business to be found on a Search Engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing there are two ways to go about this

  1. Paying for links with the Search Engine. Google Adwords is an example of this Pay-by-Click method
  2. Optimizing your website and domain with Search Engine Optimization

The first option is comparatively simple, but also very costly. You can spend a lot of money on these campaigns. As soon as you decide not to continue this form of advertisement, all benefit is lost. You will be removed from the search engine results.

In our opinion, the second option is more beneficial, as it offers long term returns for your business. Search Engine Optimization is complicated and time consuming. You can hire a specialist to review your site or, if you know what you are doing, you can do a good bit by yourself.

Search Engines like Google index your site and analyze the content. In essence they are trying to rate the content for how beneficial and interesting it is for potential viewers. The more beneficial your content appears to the Search Engine, the more intersted they are in bringing your site to the beginning of a search result. Another important factor are the links you have from other websites. Long gone are the days when you could buy a link from one of the many linking sites, and expect the Seach Engine to react in a positive manner. Most of the Search Engine have adopted their algorhythm's to detect such attempts. Some Search Engines will even penalize websites using such "false advertising". Google for example, wants to see links from websites which are related to your business. In other words a hair salon, which has a link to a surf shop, provides little SEO benefit to the surf shop owner. We can help your business with advertising and links from a dedicated surf industry site.

Social Media is very important as well. Make use of sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The Search Engines can see how active your business is on social media. Social Media is an effective and fun way to boost your Search Engine results. Interacting with friends and customers is good for your business, and best of all almost free. You only need to invest your time.

The best solution is a combination of both methods, but our focus would be on Search Engine Optimization.