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Blue Boutique Hostel & Suites
Av. Marginal 6538, 2765-079 São João do Estoril, Portugal
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Blue Boutique Hostel & Suites

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Beautiful villa in Estoril which has been converted to a Surf Hostel.
I was impressed by how clean the property is. I truly enjoyed the effort which the owners made regarding the interior design. No off-the-shelf IKEA beds here!

The hostel is 5 minutes away from the beach. The only thing missing is a pool, but I find this a good compromise, considering everything else one is getting here :-)


Very nice and clean Hostel with friendly staff and owners. It's a big house with really above average quality rooms and equipment, located close to the beach. They offer good breakfast which is included and the kitchen is very modern and super clean so it feels like cooking at home.