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Warrior Surf Foundation
Shadow Race Lane, Folly Beach, SC 29439, USA
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Warrior Surf Foundation


Founded by professional surfers and True American combat veterans. Our military experience ranges from combat operations in OEF/OIF and our surfing experience from professionals, coaches, and enthusiasts. Together, we make up a team that exemplifies true passion of introducing surf life and culture to those warriors who have returned home, injured from the battle field.

The nature of war and its aftermath can be counter acted by using the ocean as a healing remedy. This can help our Wounded Warriors move past some of these adverse effects of their selfless decision to serve a greater purpose than themselves. Our goal is to provide our warriors with quality surf instruction that may, as a result, give the individual another weapon to battle a new and forever enemy: life after combat.

Our financial needs, if met, will allow our team to provide the utmost professional surf instruction, no matter the level of disability and give us the means to purchase the proper equipment needed to provide these Warriors with a solid base to begin a new adventure in their lives.

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Why does the government fail to take care of military veterans? And why do private individuals have to pick up the ball, which the government repeatedly drops?

Whatever. I love this project. This project provides so much hope to people who have given so much.

A great thank you to Andrew Manzi, his whole team, all the volunteers and the donors!