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BAREFOOT SURF TRAVEL | Surfing an island in Bali
Barefoot Surf Travel Nicaragua
Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Ecuador - Bali
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Barefoot Surf Travel Nicaragua



Beginner? Intermediate? Surfing is more fun the better you get.

We strive to deliver the best surf camp experiences, by offering a surf coaching retreat adapted to your goals. Progress quickly, benefit from video and photo analysis, your own surfer profile, one on one technique reviews and more.

Our groups are limited to 12 travellers, for a team of 6 surf coaches. Our goal is to deliver a surf coaching experience that will help you for years to come.

Enjoy the highlights of each destinations and live an authentic travel experience. We adapt our trips constantly to offer genuine journeys.

Surf Camp destinations

Costa Rica (Nosara), Ecuador, Bali and Nicaragua.

Price range: 
1000 - 2000 USD
Take Reservations
Accept credit cards
Surf School
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